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Custom Order Waiting List

Here you can see your position on the custom order waiting list. This page will be updated regularly as new custom orders are taken. Dates given are my planned dates to make orders - sometimes things don't go to plan - fleeces don't get delivered on time etc but I try to stick to them as best as I possibly can. Custom orders are usually made in the order which payment is received however I may bring orders forwards if I have gaps in my day for smaller custom orders which is why you may see dates out of order on the below table.
If you have any queries regarding a custom order please message me at
2235 Mon 18th
2238 Mon 18th
2239 Mon 18th
2241 Tues 19th
2240 Tues 19th
2244 Wed 20th
2245 Thurs 21st
2247 Thurs 21st
2250 Fri 22nd
2251 Fri 22nd
2252 Fri 22nd
2255 Mon 25th
2256 Mon 25th
2257 Tues 26th
2259 Tues 26th
2260 Tues 26th
2303 Wed 27th
2309 Wed 27th
2310 Wed 27th
2306 Thurs 28th
2311 Fri 29th
2313 Mon 2nd
2315 Tues 3rd
2316 Tues 3rd