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Custom Order Waiting List

Here you can see your position on the custom order waiting list. This page will be updated regularly as new custom orders are taken / completed. Dates given are my estimated dates to make orders - sometimes things don't go to plan unfortunately so please use this as a guide only - if fleeces don't get delivered on time, I fall ill, a piggie falls ill, life generally gets in the way unavoidably,  this may add a few days onto the estimates so check back regularly. 🙂 I sew custom orders Monday - Friday 🙂 Saturday is my day off and Sundays I try and reserve for sewing pre made stock for the website. 
Please remember it is just myself cutting and sewing ALL orders whilst juggling all the other daily jobs of running a business. 
Custom orders are usually made in the order which payment is received however I may bring orders forwards if I have gaps in my day for smaller custom orders which is why you may see dates out of order on the below table.
If you have any queries regarding a custom order please message me at
You can find your order number on your receipt - please check your spam folder if it's not in your inbox.
The approximate wait time from receiving payment to making your order is usually around 3 weeks but this does depend on how many orders I have at the time of placing your order.
**** JANUARY ****
Carlene 2474 Thurs 30th
Harriet 2476 Fri 31st
Victoria 2477 Fri 31st
*** FEBRUARY ***
Elaine 2481 Mon 3rd
Michelle 2487 Mon 3rd
Allison 2489 Mon 3rd
Kate 2498 Tues 4th
Jamie 2501 Tues 4th
Lauren B 2503 Wed 5th
Mark 2506 Thurs 6th
Manuel 2510 Thurs 6th
Katie 2505 Fri 7th
Sami 2513 Mon 10th
Saoirse 2516 Tues 11th
James 2517 Tues 11th
Lydia 2520 Wed 12th
Holly 2521 Wed 12th
Beckie 2523 Thurs 13th
Honey 2526 Fri 14th
Mon 17th