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Custom order for Elsa

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Two floortime blankets

- one in white mini dots / lilac  

- one in birds / cerise pink

2 cage pads (28x42 cm), pink stars / lilac 

Hammock with rings - Birds

1 Fleece forest:  birds / cerise pink  

1 Piggie sack: grey spots / raspberry lining (see pic)

1 Cosy piggie blanket, lines / pink lining (lines see pic) 

1 tunnel: grey spots / raspberry lining


Custom order information

Please remember that when placing a custom order you will go onto my WAITING LIST - this is approximately 3 weeks from your PAYMENT date - I do my very best to make all custom orders as soon as I possibly can. If you order pre made items at the same time as custom made items they will all be posted together unless purchased on a separate shipping charge.