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Grey Panda Fleece Piggie Blanket

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Do your guinea pigs like to burrow under fleece? If so they will love these blankets! Each blanket is made from 2 layers of fleece sewn together and top stitched to provide a comfy little hidey spot for burrowers.

Approx measurements 50cm x 50cm

Tips for use.

Place in an area of your cage away from zoomies routes to minimise risk of being trampled flat
Arch one edge of the blanket slightly to show your piggies it's burrowable.

These blankets have a multitude of uses -

They can be used over existing beds to provide a den
For lap time
Grooming blanket
Keeping piggies warm after bathing.
Lining pet carriers for vet visits
 Swaddling piggies during syringe feeding

Clipping to the side of a cage to provide cover (my girls fav!)